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Posted 09 December 2010 - 08:12 AM

We all watch movies and in our complete ‘movie-watching’ lifetime we usually come across a lot of them with unfamiliar languages. Then either we have to go for the subtitled version or watch a dubbed one in which the lip – movement is completely out of sync. However, watching movies with subtitling and dubbing may seem a bit awkward, but if something is worth watching then this awkwardness is compromise-able.

It may seem easy but making an interaction of text (verbal or written) with sound and image is far more complex then translating let’s say a legal document. And most popularly there are two ways to do so: subtitling or dubbing. Now both of them have certain advantages and disadvantages depending on the translator and more specifically on the target audience.

Let us start off with subtitles – because I personally like subtitled movies – Translators working on them have to keep track of the ongoing video because it is necessary to translate the dialogues in a few words and a limited time. After all who would like to pause the movie again and again just to read the captions? In addition to this, sometimes we find our attention divided between watching the movie and reading the appearing text below. However, I personally believe that it is neglected by the passage of time.

Dubbing on the other hand lacks the coordination between the translated language and the movement of the actors’ lips. And most of the time the real essence of the scene and dialogue delivery is blanketed by the translated language. However, it doesn’t require the viewer to divide attention between watching the movie and reading captions.

As a viewer what type of movie translation would you prefer? Have you ever dealt in the translation of an audiovisual material, how do you ensure the proximity between the original and the translated material? Please share your views and ideas.

Original Blog Link: http://blog.moraviaw...slation-videos/

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